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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Outlook Group Corp becomes Outlook Group LLC

Outlook Group has merged with M&Q Packaging under M&Q Holdings.  Outlook Group will continue to operate unchanged from current organization as a wholly owned subsidiary. Outlook’s plants and warehouse locations in Wisconsin are ideal to compliment M&Q Packaging’s Pennsylvania location. M&Q Packaging is a North American leader in high specification films, flexible packaging and bags. […]

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Outlook Manager addresses Clemson Graphic Communications graduates

Outlook Group Business Development Manager, Danielle Jerschefske, addressed Clemson University School of Graphic Communications graduates last week. The University’s Graphic Communications program will deliver 41 ambitious, prepared future industry leaders to the marketplace with its 2016 graduating class. Chip Tonkin, the Director of Clemson’s Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics, said, “We invited Danielle […]

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