Contract Packaging Solutions

Simplify Your Process Through Vendor Consolidation

Creative Packaging Services

Finding the right packaging to protect your product while also appealing to your target market is both an art and a science. That’s what we do at Outlook Group. Our clean room contract packaging services and full service printing plant on site provide our customers with a full-service, turnkey solution to bringing their products to market.

At Outlook Group Packaging & Printing Solutions we have worked with everyone from small local companies and start-ups, to global corporations, to provide fully customized contract packaging solutions that enhance the marketability and protect the integrity of their products.

Our Certifications

Our diverse capabilities allow us to serve many different industries. To offer the quality control and to meet the required standards we are G7 and GMI Master Printer certified for color management and also SQF Level ll certified for food safety.

Outlook Group also provides labeling and packaging services for the medical industry. Our clean rooms are ISO Class 8 certified to allow us to provide packaging and printing for personal products as well as medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Our Process

Unlike other printing and packaging contractors, we see each of our projects as unique. We won’t put you through a cookie-cutter approach that can undermine the appeal or the quality of your products. Instead, we listen to what our customers need and then work to meet those needs.

Our team of packaging and labeling experts can create a practical, original and custom designed packaging solution for your product. To get started, get in touch with our team today at 920.722.2333.


Traditional vs. simplified contract packaging process

Is it time to simplify your supply chain? Download our infographic to learn how Outlook Group can drastically reduce the complexity.