The MICROLINER® Sustainable Advantage

Outlook Group’s innovative MICROLINER® product utilizes a thin release liner technology that produces up to 80% less label liner waste. Imagine the impact of 80% less liner material through your high speed labeling lines. But the benefits don’t stop there – there is less transportation, less disposal costs, less downtime and changeovers. Less materials also means a lower label cost for you. Choosing a sustainable packaging solution has never been easier than Outlook Group’s MICROLINER® label solution.   Learn more about the pyramid of savings:

  • Reduce your label cost
  • Fewer changeovers
  • Less waste
  • Less freight
  • No web breaks due to die strikes
  • Less warehousing space
  • Lower disposal costs
  • Recyclable liner
See how much you can save with our MICROLINER® Calculator