Paperboard Packaging

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A smart partner is a must in paperboard packaging. Outlook Group’s team approach to design, testing, and efficient production can shave time and money off packaging projects, while developing the optimum package for your product. We begin with the end result defined then drive the project toward that goal. Our G7 Certification tells you your print will be consistent product to product, run to run. Our quality and inventory systems make sure the project is done right and on time.

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Unique Materials and Formats

We specialize in synthetic substrates and poly-coated boards, as well as complex folding and gluing forms. Take advantage of our innovative design department that will provide you with intelligent packaging structures that optimizes function, filling line performance, durability and protection.  We help with structural and application design including CAD/CAM and pre-press design, and provide field technicians to make sure the final package meets manufacturing needs.  

Specialists in:

  • 4- and 6-corner glued trays
  • Sleeves and overwraps
  • Paperboard components: blister and heat seal cards, inserts
  • Retail-ready packaging: clip strips, club packs, stretch packs and shipper display
  • Windowed packaging

Natural Packaging

The packaging market is “Trending Natural”. Let Outlook Group’s knowledge and experience provide you with an eye catching package that yields tremendous cost savings, product protection, and sustainability in all markets.

  • This natural paperboard is made from 100% recycled fibers.
  • Lower density = higher yield over competitive substrates, resulting in an average cost savings of 15-35%.
  • A natural choice for Eco-Conscious packaging.


We’re proud to be ISO, SQF & G7 certified.
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