10 Ways OGC Creates Value for Brand Owners & Consumers

Rewind to 1950. A typical grocery store carried 5,000 different items. In 1990, this number grew to 30,000. Today, the number of products in a grocery store tops 100,000. It’s no wonder consumers are overwhelmed these days with the number of choices they have for almost any given item. In 2014, consumers are concerned with nutritional information, where the product is made, how green the packaging is, and how fresh, new or trendy their purchase looks. Thus, consumers are being forced to sort through significant options to find what they’re looking for. That’s why product differentiation is so critical in today’s marketplace.

How does OGC assist brand owners to provide packaging which attracts customers?  Considering the battle for mindshare and consumer attention, one way to grab potential customers is through very innovative designs.  Read this whitepaper to learn 10 ways OGC creates value for brand owners who are looking to have their products end up in the hands of consumers.

Top 10 Ways OGC Creates Value for Brand Owners & Consumers