Outlook Group Expands Variable Data Imaging Capacity To Service E-Commerce

Outlook Group is pleased to announce it has expanded its variable imaging business.  Outlook Group recently installed an additional 16-inch Mark Andy press and equipped it with a Domino K600i monochrome UV inkjet printhead and LVS scanning system to create a dedicated variable imaging line.   This gives Outlook Group increased capacity to target growth in the burgeoning e-commerce marketplace. According to Internet Retailer, the US e-commerce market grew 15.8% in the second quarter of 2016 reaching $91.24 billion (read more).

Plant manager Jim Zeman commented, “The installation was seamless and we were up and running at full production speeds within days. We had been running the variable imaging equipment 24/7 at times to meet demand, and this project increases our capacity to support this important line of business.”

Joel Schmidt, Director Market Development, explained, “Variable data printing uses a digital file (for the design / layout) and a spreadsheet or database file to input the variable information onto the label.“ Variable content can be printed in combination with full color graphics.  Common uses for variable imaging include:

  • License plate labels in warehouses
  • Consecutive numbers for asset tags, inventory management or event tickets
  • Barcodes for inventory tracking in fulfillment & distribution centers
  • Seasonal or Promotional pricing programs requiring additional signage
  • Specimen labels used to secure the chain of custody

Pre-printing the variable information labels eliminates the risk of data duplication and avoids the maintenance cost and downtime associated with a fleet of thermal printers installed across multiple locations.

Outlook Group assures barcode scanability and guarantees zero duplication of the variable information through onsite data management services and in-line barcode grading and verification.

Schmidt added, “We are proud of our onsite data management services and feel this is a unique service point that differentiates Outlook Group as a competitor in the rapidly growing e-commerce space.”

For more information, please contact us at 920-722-2333 | www.outlookgroup.com