Outlook Group LLC is pleased to announce the purchase of a Kodak Magnus VLF Platesetter, one of the fastest fully-automated VLF platesetters on the market, to increase productivity and provide high-quality thermal imaging services.

Kodak’s Q2400 F speed platesetter can image 1030mm x 800mm plates at 20.5 plates per hour and offers an integrated punch that will complement existing Komori presses. “With the inline punch system, the plates are in such good register the press crews rarely need to make any adjustments,” said Wyatt L. Benz, Prepress Manager at Outlook Group.

Kodak VLF platesetter

The new platesetter also offers multiple automation options to allow for faster plate loading and reduced manual handling. “The Continuous Load option reduces operator time and increases imaging efficiency by allowing two-plate queuing and automatic plate eject to an online processor. So while one plate is being imaged, the second plate is placed in standby and will load automatically after the plate on the drum finishes its exposure.”

This new equipment addition is part of Outlook Group’s strategic growth plan and continued efforts to stay current with emerging printing technology.

Visit Graphics.kodak.com to see the full equipment specifications.