The Benefits of Transitioning to Thin Gauge Labels with Outlook Group

As we wrap up National Sauce Month, we applaud our customers who produce a myriad of flavorful products in this category including salad dressing, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, olive oil, salsa and many more. While the sauces category has enjoyed a boost in sales thanks to more ethnic and cultural flavors being introduced, there is still plenty of room for labeling process improvements for even greater shelf appeal and impact on your bottom line.

Outlook Group recently completed a very successful project to convert a major salad dressing brand from Cut & Stack (C&S) label technology to Pressure Sensitive (PS) technology. Approximately 200 product SKUs, 4 die-lines, new graphics rollout, and 3 production lines were converted to PS in 3 waves, all within a short 4-month timeline.

Within the process of switching from C&S to a PS label material, and shortly after, the brand realized several benefits:

  • Improved Total Applied Cost due to a number of operational efficiencies that come with PS labels: no messy glue or glue pots to contend with; tooling savings (no change parts); throughput improvements between 10-15%
  • Sustainability benefits - PSLite™ thin film label technology uses less material – up to 75% less.
  • Greater shelf appeal - PSLite™ offers a clear, “no-label” look to provide greater visibility to the product inside the jar or container. This helps address consumers’ desire for greater clarity and transparency regarding the products they purchase.
  • Market lift resulting from improved graphics and higher quality look & feel on shelf.

In order to help you unlock those tangible benefits, Outlook Group provides:

  • Site survey & specification review to guarantee the PS adhesive works well on your containers
  • Material selection – we’ll help select the right PS material to make the switch seamless.
  • Graphics review, color management processes & coordination with your marketing team and pre-press house to deliver maximum shelf impact
  • Inventory management & timely shipments to make sure your project stays on schedule
  • Field technical support during startup to ensure minimal issues

Download our whitepaper to learn more: Examining the Total Applied Cost of Pressure-Sensitive Label Decoration.

Are you interested in exploring PS label options further for your brand? Outlook’s experienced team will guide you through the transition from C&S to PS labeling. Contact us for more information or to get a quote.

Author: Joel Schmidt
Director of Market Development