How to Boost Your Brand with Shrink Sleeve Labels

Almost certainly, you have purchased a product, probably a bottled beverage, with shrink sleeve labels. Most consumers are unaware of these products and unfamiliar with what it takes to produce them. Since 1977, we have served the food and beverage industry by producing eye-catching branded shrink sleeve labels which fit the container like a glove. In addition, Outlook Group provides graphic design and branding services to help you increase sales.

What is a shrink sleeve label?

Shrink sleeve labels are just like they sound. They surround a bottle like a sleeve and are applied larger than necessary, then shrunk with the application of heat to fit the dimensions of the bottle. They cover the full body of the bottle and can be designed to include a tamper evident band for safety.

Since shrink sleeve labels wrap around the entire bottle or container, you are not limited to a small print area. Your graphic designs and branding can be revitalized and splashed across the entire 360°. However, you can choose to leave part of the sleeve unprinted to provide your consumers with the opportunity to view the food or beverage inside thereby increasing their confidence in purchasing your product.

For drinks and other products that require a security seal so that the consumer understands whether the product has previously been open or not, we can provide tamper evident bands. The sleeve labels can cover the opening area and be fitted with a perforated tear strip to provide a security seal that must be broken before the product can be consumed.

Additionally, since your choice of graphic is printed on the inside of the shrink sleeve labels, they cannot be scuffed or damaged when the outside of the bottle shows sign of wear and tear. These are perfect labels that are rarely affected during transportation or while waiting to be purchased on store shelves. In real terms, this means that your product is always presented in perfect condition.

Finally, by ensuring that your partner uses environmentally friendly shrink films, you are adding to the sustainability and recyclability of your product. Downgauged versions of the standard PETG and PVC shrink films are available along with polyolefin materials that have been tested and approved by the APR to separate cleanly in the recovery facilities. This is good for the environment and even better for your environmentally conscious consumers.

To find out more about our shrink sleeve label capabilities and discuss your project, call us at 920-722-2333 to speak with a helpful sales representative!