Private Label Packaging: Trends and Solutions

When no-name brands first came on the market, they unwittingly started a revolution in the customer’s perception of “cheap” goods. The first examples of private label brands were, in hindsight, somewhat crude. Consumers were left short-handed in multiple fields, including packaging graphics and logistic channels.

Today, the number of consumers that trust private label brands is on the rise since private label packaging has moved far beyond its early simplistic ways and barely attractive marketing designs. As members of the Private Label Manufacturing Association, Outlook Group stays on top of this growing market by actively engaging the market leaders and understanding how our business model can address their specific needs.

Innovative Changes

We move beyond the basic requirements of safety, security and brand identification to create innovative packaging designs. Our design engineers and creative personnel produce a result that caters to the demands of a very competitive and complex market.

Our specialists work with clients to address the following concerns that factor into producing an innovative but highly recognizable private brand. These include:

  • Customer Appeal: Mimicry is a common tactic in private label packaging. Rather than mimic major national brands, designs need to reflect the branding of the company producing and marketing. Companies need to work with experienced and perceptive designers to produce eye-catching colors, logos and/or images.
  • Easy to Use: Our design engineers understand the need for packaging that improves convenience without sacrificing safety.
  • Going Green: Companies wanting to indicate they are “green,” need to advertise it. Their private label packaging must not only represent a resource reduction, it must also broadcast this to the consumer so that they can feel good about putting the item in their cart. At Outlook, we have many environmentally friendly options like our ‘Natural Packaging’ which not only uses recycled fibers and plastics, they align with the natural appearance that consumers have come to expect from eco-conscious products.

Whether the issue is company logos, graphics or product safety, private brand labels need to consult experts if they are to rise above the “no-name” label.

Private Brand Packaging

Companies who want to leave the no-name label behind need to consult with professionals well versed in original branding. At Outlook Group, our team of professionals will work with clients to produce a result that exceeds expectations. Our team assists in marketing our client’s products through private brand packaging. This process allows the products to establish themselves as a separate entity and not a name brand clone. Follow the link to our private label page for more information: or call us at 920-722-2333 to speak with a representative.