M&Q PanSaver slow cooker & electric roaster liners

After M&Q and Outlook Group merged in October, 2016 the two teams got to work on finding where synergies exist between the two sister companies. It didn't take long to determine OG was the perfect contract packaging fit for M&Q's PanSaver® line of products.

Joe Juritsch, M&Q Materials Manager said, “Implementation of the Electric Roaster Liners and Slow Cooker Liners from a shipping standpoint went very smoothly. [We] look forward to shipping directly to our customers which will reduce delivery time as well as freight/handling expense. Great job.”

Bailey Fernau, the Account Rep handling the partnership states "OG brought the machine used to pack this product out from retirement. Painting the floor and getting the machine dialed in was the longest part of the process. We are now packing out two versions with ease, Clear Electric Roaster Liners and Slow Cooker Liners."

The liners are shipped from M&Q facilities to Outlook Group and arrive folded in bundles of 2 or 4, depending on which version. OG prints and manufacturers the folding cartons.  The bags are then inserted into the cartons, the cartons are glued, and a date code is added for traceability. Once finished with those steps, the cartons are inserted into master cases.

“Outlook dramatically simplified the manufacturing of our PanSaver brand Electric Roaster Liners and Slow Cooker Liners.  Before we had to worry about sourcing and inventorying cartons and cardboard master cases, as well as scheduling the pack-out of product with our bag room production department.  Now we just send the liners to the Outlook Group, and they take it from there.  No more worries.” said Mike Schmal, M&Q President.

Positive Outcomes:

  • The new process allows M&Q to focus on what they do best, making bags, and Outlook Group to shine in the contract packaging and fulfillment area
  • Having Outlook handle the printing, pack out and fulfillment drastically simplified the supply chain for M&Q
  • When given a forecast Outlook is able to produce to a schedule on time, every time
  • M&Q didn't have space to hold inventory, Outlook Group was able to managing warehouse inventory for them
  • Outlook's several different pack out machines allowed customization to fit the project at hand
  • Outlook's one-stop shop capabilities allowed M&Q to send their goods worry-free
  • Ability to track the carton and the liners inside by the date code stamped on the carton takes the stress and worry out of traceability for M&Q.
  • Outlook Group's ESD (E-Service Desk) program allows M&Q to log in, see job status and inventory levels. It also allows them to do their own releases which automatically creates a flag for the OG team. This eases the communication process for both sides.

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