New Blog Series for Print Distributors

OG New Blog Series: Power of Partnering

As a Print Distributor, while you have a full breadth of offerings and solutions for your clients, there is, perhaps, an untapped opportunity... packaging. With such a diverse client base many print distributors, like yourself, may very well have packaging opportunities that can be found right “at home”.

Understanding that packaging may not be within your core business, in many cases it can be. Through partnering with a packaging company, your business now can fulfill that need without fundamentally changing your entire business model.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing a series of blog posts covering five reasons why creating a relationship and partnership with a packaging printer benefits you, your organization, and most importantly, your clients. We’ll explore how you can meet your customer’s packaging needs without uprooting your core business offerings and how to find the right fit in a packaging partner.

Check back soon for the second article in this series: Creating Value Through the Power of Partnering - a low-risk entry into providing labels & packaging services.

Christine Achtermeier

Author: Christine Achtermeier
Business Manager, Indirect Channel