An Addition to the Outlook Group Family

Still delivering time through packaging solutions

Outlook Group and M&Q Packaging, under M&Q Holdings, have purchased Flavorseal of Avon, Ohio. Outlook Group will continue to operate unchanged from our current organization as a wholly owned subsidiary. Outlook's plants and warehouse locations in Wisconsin are ideal to complement M&Q Packaging and Flavorseal. M&Q Packaging is a North American leader in high specification films, flexible packaging, and bags. Flavorseal is a food packaging company which incorporates seasonings and bold flavors into various forms of flexible packaging. Other products include films, netting products, packaging equipment and consumables.

Outlook Group is, and will continue, to be a leading printer of pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons - as well as a vertically integrated contract packaging service provider.

The new organizational structure will leverage Outlook Group's outstanding growth and continued investment in packaging printing technologies since divesting the direct mail business in April 2014.

What this means to our stakeholders:

  • Positive impact for customers as the new Outlook Group continues growing and diversifying in the innovative packaging world.
  • Outlook Group will continue partnering with our base of leading suppliers of raw materials for package printing and ISO-certified contract packaging.
  • Employees will have ongoing career growth opportunities. New employee recruitment and retention initiatives will continue.
  • In addition to the two SQF certified printing and contract packaging facilities in Neenah, Wisconsin, Outlook Group will now have a presence in Eastern Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • Our financial shareholders will be able to leverage the strengths of Outlook Group, M&Q Packaging, and Flavorseal for additional expansion and additions to the new company.

For more information on Outlook Group LLC, M&Q Packaging LLC, and Flavorseal LLC, visit the following websites: