Winter Fancy Food Show 2018 - What We Learned

SFA Winter Fancy Food Show 2018

Having attended the Specialty Food Association's Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco last week, it was obvious that the trend toward healthy/organic food options in all categories remains strong. "Vegan," "Non-GMO," "Grass-Fed," and "Free-Range" were all terms seen throughout the exhibit halls and supported in a variety of different food platforms.

Complementing the focus on targeted consumers was the eye-catching packaging across all formats. The use of matte finishes off-set by spot-gloss graphics was pervasive in many food categories. As well, the use of embellishments on folding cartons like embossing, foil-stamping, or specifically shaped cartons all drew consumer eyes.

In flexible packaging, the use of shaped or rounded corner pouches has replaced the mundane standard pouch design. As for labels (shrink sleeves or pressure sensitive), a vast number of items included the “no label look” by incorporating clear, printed shrink sleeves or PS labels, allowing the consumer visibility and interaction with the product.

More specialization to present the consumer with a more efficient product experience while conveying a high-end product message was definitely the take-away.

All of the specialization at the Winter Fancy Food Show reinforces the need for packaging companies to be able to react efficiently, execute effectively, and be prepared to provide the embellishments and enhancements and “look” that new and up-and-coming food manufacturers are requesting.

At the Outlook Group, we’re ready!

Jim Woller - Outlook Group

Author: Jim Woller
Market Development Manager, Folding Carton
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