Print Distributor Blog Series - Five Benefits of Partnering with a Packaging Company

5 Benefits of Partnering with a Packaging Company

Creating Value Through the Power of Partnering

In my first post of this article series, I shared a high-level view of partnerships between Print Distributors and packaging companies, as a way to grow your business without having to fundamentally change your entire business model. Allowing an enhanced, or in some cases, entirely new offering to your clients without the need for investment or packaging expertise is a win-win in my book.

In this post I’ll explore, in more detail, five benefits print distributors can expect to see by tapping into a packaging company’s vast knowledge, experience and capabilities in order to offer packaging services to your clients.

Benefit 1: Collaboration and extension of your company’s team and capacity

As a third party vendor, we fully respect the level of anonymity that you may require as a print distributor. Often times, our partnerships may be fully transparent, but other times may be completely behind the scenes. In any case, having the added talent and expertise of your partner's team in addition to your own both increases collaborative efforts and eliminates the need to add full time employees to your staff. Ultimately, making your job easier and ensuring you look good in servicing your end user, all while fully respecting your existing client relationship, is the end goal.

Benefit 2: Low-risk entry into providing folding carton, labels or flexible packaging solutions and services

Many commercial printers that take on producing packaging themselves may not have all of the equipment needed. For instance, you may not have the die-cutting and finishing equipment necessary to deliver a complete package. Another obstacle can be recruiting the packaging expertise needed to guide customers through the full package design process. It can be difficult at best trying to guide customers through a process you may be learning yourself. Partnering with a packaging company who already has the equipment, the employees and the expertise to run it, means zero capital investment required in printing or finishing equipment and capabilities.

Benefit 3: Structural package design, printing and finishing knowledge

When getting into packaging, learning all there is to know about structural package design, printing, and finishing techniques can be a bit overwhelming. By partnering with a packaging company, you benefit by having a whole team of packaging experts at your disposal. You’ll have material specialists, design engineers, and equipment technicians to collaborate with you to develop efficient and effective packaging solutions that deliver results while protecting your customers’ products and elevating their brands.

Benefit 4: Technical support and services

Another aspect that may not get a lot of notice - that is until it comes time to run the packaging materials - is finding the technical expertise when and if there are run-ability issues. Why wait to see if there are problems? You can benefit up front by having a team of packaging machinery technical experts with a deep understanding of the packaging equipment used in the industry. These experts can help select the optimal packaging materials and the right technical specs based on barrier performance and environmental needs of the product, as well as other considerations, during the package design process to ensure the best performance. They're also there if needed to ensure that the end product runs efficiently on the packaging equipment.

Benefit 5: Scalability

If you choose to partner with a packaging company, chances are good that their capacity and ongoing investments in additional packaging equipment will allow you to grow with your customers’ needs over time as well. As your packaging business grows and your needs progress, your packaging company can introduce programs such as Vendor Managed Inventory, using assets and various capabilities to build an optimized delivery model (supply chain) to meet your customer’s service level requirements.

There you have it, my five benefits to the power of partnering with a packaging company. This is not an exhaustive list, as the benefits go far beyond the above. I’d love to hear your feedback on any additional items that are important to you, so feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlook Group takes pride in partnering with print distributors to provide support, education, technical assistance, and world class service. After all, we know the right partner can make all the difference in successfully expanding into the packaging space.

To show our commitment to supporting the print distributor network, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be developing and launching a full packaging training and support program soon. Stay tuned as we release more information over the next few months!

As always, if you’re a print distributor looking for a packaging company to partner with, or would like to learn more about the possibilities of doing so, feel free to reach out to me at the information below or fill out our contact form.

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