OG labels deliver Fresh Ideas to Deli case packaging

Deli Label Solutions from Outlook Group
Shoppers are looking for specific attributes in deli product and brand packaging when making their selection to purchase any of the many options available at retail today. When it comes to protein, shoppers want packaging convenience, clean label products and diverse flavor profiles, according to Store Brands Magazine. Outlook Group assists our food-manufacturing customers in effectively meeting each of these consumer demands via high quality labels.

Packaging Convenience

Many consumers respond positively to labels that allow them to keep their protein product fresher for longer. We are a leading producer of resealable film labels for meat and dairy products. 

Outlook Group’s engineers have experience fine-tuning the intricacies of a complex peel-reseal label that requires adhesive deadener and laminated layers to provide barrier properties. Our resealable labels are intended for multi-person, multiple-use accessibility with a reliable re-closure for family volume-sized (1 lb) packaging. The resealable adhesive performs in cool refrigerated conditions, and withstands the grease of the food products moving out of the containers as sandwiches and snacks are consumed each day.

Clean Label & diverse Flavors

As shoppers seek out clear product claims and bold, unique flavored proteins, brands must manage consistency and appeal across a growing number of SKUs. When flavors with flair are launched to solicit excitement, the label graphics must be crisp and engaging.

Outlook Group Labels

Our label printing – both conventional and digital – delivers the most consistent quality in the industry. Brand managers appreciate the reliability of Outlook Group label graphics. We offer embellishment techniques such as the most matte varnishes available, cold foiling, metallic inks, and cast & cure processing to give competitive flash to your brand's packaging.

Store Brands Magazine ‘Meating’ Consumer Demands feature states that more than 50% of all lunch meat buyers are considered “package heavy”, meaning they spend at least 70% of their category dollars on packaged lunch meats. For this reason, both burgeoning and established brands must use their packaging and label design to grab attention at the competitive deli case and quickly demonstrate that the product will give the consumer what they’re looking for.

At Outlook Group, our experts work collaboratively with customers from design concept to shelf to ensure we exceed expectations. We have a long history in servicing some of the most prominent deli brands in the market. Our Fresh Ideas are just one way we can help your meat and cheese business achieve excellence.

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