FULFILLMENT & LOGISTICSOutlook Group has a powerful logistics and fulfillment backbone that manages the details with ease. Our production process requires raw materials and products for packaging to be received and distributed to the correct spot in our 400,000 sq. ft. facility on time and in perfect condition. Once produced, finished goods need to be delivered to their final destination on time, and marked properly. Our nearly flawless delivery record speaks volumes of the hard work done to keep this engine running smoothly.

Need Managed Logistics?

We have vendor managed inventory services to get your product where you need it without tying up your warehouse or inventory systems. When you provide a forecast for production and delivery, our team does the planning to meet these requirements, and keeps you in the loop about the delivery. We are adept as blind shipping for third party partners to seamlessly meld with brand owners needs.  Our custom pallet building systems bring additional sustainability advantages by eliminating unneeded corrugate and shipping materials.