Why Packaging Engineers Love Us

Outlook Group’s Technical Services Group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a broad range of packaging technologies, equipment and applications. Brand owners can depend on us to help transition their packaging projects. Smooth on-boardings with ongoing customer support – in short, we keep your equipment up and running.

Process & Application Engineering

Outlook Group examines all steps along the manufacturing process, and more, in the design of the package for any given product. Our package engineers are experts in materials science, industrial design and packaging logistics. They collaborate with research and development, manufacturing, marketing, graphic design, regulatory, purchasing, and planning to ensure an efficient, cost-effective process cycle. Our application engineers go a step further and apply the same concept to your operations to ensure our products will run successfully through your packaging equipment.


At Outlook Group, we take any opportunity to review processes to ensure the best material choices and production line efficiencies are being utilized to control total cost. We are passionate about making ongoing contributions to improve brand owners’ packaging, lean out waste and reduce cost.

Process & Application Engineering



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