In this video, Outlook Group shares details of our success in diverting packaging waste from landfills. As a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, folding cartons, pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeve labels, we have a variety of materials flowing through our plant daily, and we have a place for everything—including waste.

Outlook Group started on a path to reduce our environmental impact more than a decade ago. Today we divert more than 95% of our manufacturing waste from going to landfills—either by recycling fiber and other materials, or by sending laminated films, pressure sensitive label material, matrix waste and release liner to our Waste-to-Energy (WTE) partners.

When customers walk through our facilities, they notice that finding the right bin for packaging waste is part of Outlook Group’s culture of sustainability; it is simply embedded into our day-to-day actions in manufacturing packaging components.

We have achieved our environmental success through a combination of peer leadership and peer pressure. Our team at Outlook Group is passionate about source reduction, doing whatever possible to limit potential waste before materials enter our facility for processing. We have an impeccably low waste percentage across our portfolio, and nearly all of our products sold are defect free—and we’re always striving to improve.

Our customers value our input on landfill avoidance techniques and WTE partnerships. We lead by example, translating our success into your success, guiding you to achieve your 2025 sustainability goals related to packaging waste reduction and landfill diversion.

In support, we offer sustainable packaging roadmap development, material selection and design for recycling consultation services, inventory management programs and more. We have a deep history in leading customers to reap the benefits of source reduction, downgauging product materials to use the thinnest pressure sensitive film liner in the industry. We are partners in finding options to divert packaging waste from landfills.

Contact us to discuss diverting packaging waste from landfills, to review your sustainable packaging goals, and to document your sustainable packaging journey together. You can rely on Outlook Group to be your partner in making a positive impact.