SustainabilityLong Standing Commitment

Outlook Group has historically focused on implementing programs and practices that support environmental sustainability. These include:

  • Well-established recycling programs for our source materials
  • Continually improving our processes to reduce waste and emissions
  • Meeting or exceeding governmental emission standards
  • Implementing operational efficiencies that reduce energy and raw material usage
  • Using the most environmentally-friendly inks and coatings available for specific applications
  • Sustainable product development including:

Our Commitment

As we move forward, we will remain committed to preserving the environment and to being an environmental leader in the packaging, direct marketing, and printing industries.

Because of our ongoing environmental commitment, Outlook Group has been named a Blanket Sustainability Partner by Enviro Image Solutions,

Additionally, we have partnered with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy initiative to upgrade lighting throughout the plant to energy-efficient LED lighting.