by | Apr 3, 2022 | News & Events, Packaging Trends

Outlook Group wins Best in Class for design-to-print execution


Outlook Group has been recognized as Best in Class for the Flexography, Excludes Wine & Spirits category at TLMI’s 2020 Annual Awards Competition. The pressure-sensitive label award is for Stray Forth brand’s Blackberry Cucumber Enchant-Mint Hard Seltzer.

Label and packaging converters from across North America submitted more than 200 entries in 43 categories for TLMI’s 2020 Annual Awards Competition. The TLMI Annual Awards Competition honors best-in-class package printing in a range of print process categories including flexography, letterpress, offset, multi-process printing and digital.

The Stray Forth brand graphics, designed by Planet Propaganda based in Madison, Wisconsin, are made entirely out of four-color process which makes hitting the high coverage light pink background difficult while still achieving proper definition and contrast of the process image for the dark-colored berries and light-colored gray business suit. 

Outlook Group Director of Market Development, Brian Conrad, says, “Our operators held extremely tight registration to produce the crisp process image of the surrealist design of the Stray Forth family of hard seltzers. We are proud to be recognized by TLMI’s judging committee with this award. We know we have some of the best operators in the business, and this Best in Class award supports this notion.”

Dana Lytle, Principal and Creative Director at Planet Propaganda, explains the Stray Forth Blackberry Cucumber Enchant-Mint Hard Seltzer label design, “We saw opportunities with the cool and different flavor combination to engage with customers who are mindful of what they drink and put in their body, and appreciate more of an elevated beverage. The label design embodies the Stray Forth concept of wandering with good purpose, playfulness and sophistication. We enjoyed collaborating with Outlook Group to bring this intriguing label to life with award winning design-to-print execution.”