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Packaging is a key component to delivering a quality, branded product on time. This is challenging for brand leaders since packaging supply chain management is a complex process filled with hidden costs, risk and compromised quality associated with its many moving parts.

A traditional packaging supply chain can consist of 11, 12 or even 13 steps or touches. With full service packaging, those multiple touches become 3, 2 or even a single touch, greatly reducing complexity.

Brands that utilize a full service packaging provider and a simplified supply chain approach reap valuable benefits – risk mitigation, cost savings, sustainability, waste reduction, improved quality and speed to market.

Outlook Group provides a combination of paperboard and label printing, pouching and packaging capabilities to create this simplified packaging supply chain experience for our customers. We are an FDA facility, a USDA facility, ISO 13485 certified, and SQF Level 2 certified. All of these qualifications streamline the kitting and assembly of gift sets, club sets, wallet packs and more.

In the same manufacturing plant, we have Class II medical device clean rooms equipped with in-line automation to handle brands’ needs for OTC packaging and medical device packaging. We have GMI and G7 Master Printer certifications to ensure brand consistency across printed pieces and ultimately on-shelf.

No More:
× Multiple supplier lead times
× Multiple supplier mark-ups
× Co-packer mark-ups on supplier mark-ups
× Freight-in costs
× Excessive yield overage costs
× Scrap/damage due to excess handling
× Production issues – overtime costs
× Reactive/ improper reporting

The Value Added:
√ Broad range of packaging services under one roof for efficiently run projects
 Color consistency across substrates…folded carton, flex, shrink sleeve and label
 Full-service turnkey manufacturing process
 Proven quality processes and certifications
 Highly skilled flexible workforce
 Green initiatives and innovation

By collaborating with Outlook Group and leveraging our printing and contract packaging capabilities, brands have the single-source support to take the necessary steps to reduce complexity in their packaging supply chain.