by | Mar 3, 2021 | General, News & Events, Packaging Supply Chain, Uncategorized

Outlook Group has been monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with regards to the potential impact to our supply chain. We are routinely checking in with our suppliers to ensure they are not being affected by the work stoppages in China or other areas of the world. Most of our raw materials are sourced domestically, and we have multiple qualified raw material sources to mitigate potential risk. We also have contingency plans in place in the event our operations would be adversely impacted for any reason.

At this point, we have no concerns with our supply chain and our ability to supply our products to customers. We do not foresee any areas of risk based on what is known now. We will continue to remain in frequent communication with our suppliers to ensure we quickly detect any concerns that do arise and will provide ongoing status updates over the coming weeks.

If your packaging supplier has been impacted by the pandemic and you need overflow help, Outlook Group has capacity to make and hold inventory to meet your demand. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Kevin Hayes – President
Outlook Group