In our last post, we talked about packaging trends in a post COVID-19 supply chain. While the pandemic has influenced sustainability in packaging as a priority, the trend continues to be a part of national, local and own brand project conversations. Executing a sustainability strategy remains important to the viability of consumer packaged goods organizations.

Our team works with our customers to create a Sustainability Roadmap to success, calling out specific short term and long term sustainability goals, tracking progress together. Our Business Development Managers educate, consult, evaluate, and most of all lead our customers toward their Sustainability goals.

Where is your business on its sustainable packaging journey? 
Launching – Sustainability-minded. Looking for help in defining end goals and uncovering options for reaching goals. 
Gaining Traction – Environmentally responsible goals are set for 2025. Select more sustainable solutions are in place. Planning is required to achieve further milestones to success. 
Making An Impact – Goals are set and regularly assessed. Being sustainable and environmentally responsible is a part of every decision-making process, and a fabric of the organization. Successfully executed projects underpin sustainable values and strategy, with continuous adoption of new developments.

Comprehensive Sustainability 
Outlook Group is focused on helping our customers take a comprehensive look at not only their products, but their products’ life cycle, and their business as a whole. Comprehensive Sustainability isn’t only material related; it’s mindset related. It covers all aspects of business: efficient production, in-plant recycling, waste reduction, sustainably sourced raw materials, employee education, profitability enhancements, and more. 

Every phase in the journey requires partners with expertise. We know what it takes to instill a culture of sustainability, and we are here to lead others in achieving this same level of focus. Outlook Group remains 97%-98% landfill free year-after-year. We have guided our legacy customers to downgauge materials with proprietary innovation ahead of industry standards. Our industry recognized us with the TLMI Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award, and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce elected us as a WMC Business Friend of the Environment. 

Comprehensive Sustainability takes focus, discipline, determination, and the right partner who understands how to provide guidance in meeting your goals. We share resources from many disciplines of our business to assist with the many disciplines of our customers’ business to make sure you are formulating an all-inclusive sustainability plan.Road Through Trees

Visit our website at, or contact us to discuss your unique Sustainability journey and vision.

Tune in to our next blog to learn about compostable and biodegradable products, and whether they have a fit in your Sustainability Roadmap.